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AD Services (Scotland) Ltd
Created in 1999 to counter the lack of career development opportunities in the Lanarkshire area by working in partnership with local employers to provide employees with practical qualifications gained through the workplace. The work done by AD Services (Scotland) Ltd enables a wide range of people to obtain Nationally Recognised Vocational Qualifications at SVQ levels 2, 3, 4 (Scottish Vocational Qualifications).


  • Employers gain staff with improved efficiency and skills levels
  • Employees gain nationally recognised qualifications, increased self-esteem, confidence and knowledge.
  • Employee skills are recognised and valued by their employers
  • Employers and employees working together produce a happier and more productive environment

AD Services Scotland Ltd currently offer fully funded Apprenticeships in the following areas

  • North Lanarkshire
  • South Lanarkshire,
  • Glasgow,
  • East Renfrewshire,
  • West Renfrewshire
  • Dumfries and Galloway.


We hope to deliver in more areas yet to be agreed on.

Primary Business :- Delivering Apprenticeships

AD Services Scotland Ltd is an approved Assessment Centre for the registration, assessment, and certification of Nationally Recognised Modern Apprentice Qualifications, SVQs with the following awarding bodies.

  • CfA - Council For Administration
  • EAL LTD - EMTA Awards Limited
  • SEMTA - Scientific, Engineering And Marine Training Authority
  • SAScot - Sector Skills Alliance Scotland
  • SQA - Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • QCA - Qualifications And Curriculum Authority


Modern Apprenticeships are Nationally Recognised qualifications from SVQ work based qualifications plus Core Skills and where appropriate a National Certificate gained through day release at college.


SVQs are work-based qualifications delivered within the workplace during normal working hours, by apprentices carrying out their normal day to day working tasks, apprentices provide proof of their competence to the assessor in line with the requirements of the qualification.


Delivery Method
Delivery Method - work based SVQs (Scottish Vocational Qualifications) are Work Based Qualifications gained within the work place, without the need to attend college, training centres etc.


Our assessors visit the apprentices at times and locations to suit the apprentice and employer to review evidence generated as part of the assessment plan agreed between learner and assessor during the last visit. 

The assessor guides the apprentice on what is required to meet the qualification criteria 9also known as Performance Indicators0 It is the duty of the assessor to provide feedback directly to the apprentice on their progress.


During assessments the assessor will observe the apprentice working and at the end of the assessment let the apprentice know whether or not they have demonstrated the required level of competence.  


The assessor will  state either. 

  1. The apprentice has achieved the required level of competence required for the assessment 
  2. The apprentice has not yet demonstrated the required level of competence required,  the assessor will then provide the apprentice with advice on what is required and how to demonstrate the required level of competence


The apprentice under the guidance of the assessor is encouraged to fully participate in the assessment process and as confidence develops, make suggestions on suitable evidence to be generated as they work through the qualification. Progress towards gaining the qualification is set in achievable sections or units, which are signed by the assessor as, achieved before moving onto the next unit. 

All assessments and reviews by assessors are performed to keep any disruption to the normal work down to an absolute minimum. Work Based Qualifications such as SVQs have no final examination; the qualification is based on  continuous assessment of the apprentices work and knowledge by the assessor over the length of the qualification.

Certification of the qualification is applied from the Awarding Body on completion of the qualification by AD Services Scotland Ltd.


Why gain an apprentice qualification?

In the present economic climate, it is essential that individuals and employees take every opportunity to keep their skills levels at a peak to meet the ever changing demands of the customer, the market, pressures from competition and changes in legislation.

AD Services Scotland Ltd have been allocated a limited number of work based qualifications and are able to offer fully funded work based opportunities for learners in the following disciplines

  • Business Administration
  • Distribution Warehousing and Storage Operation
  • Engineering disciplines including
    • Fabrication and Welding Engineering
    • Engineering Maintenance
    • Engineering Technical Support
    • Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
    • Performing Engineering Operations
    • Performing Mechanical Operations
    • Installation and Commissioning

If you are an employer and would like to offer these opportunities to your present workforce or would like our assistance to recruit an apprentice, we will be glad to discuss your needs and help find a solution.

If you are an employee and would like to gain a recognised qualification show this page to your employer and ask if they would like to learn more about these qualifications, we will be happy to be of assistance.

If you are unemployed and would like to gain a recognised qualification please contact us we will forward an application form. On receipt of your completed application form we will be glad to forward your application to any employers currently seeking apprentices which match your qualifications and abilities.  We only offer apprenticeships where the position offered is for a full time job which leads to a recognised Modern Apprenticeship.

We welcome speculative CVs but anyone applying for an apprenticeship through AD Services Scotland Ltd is required to fill in our standard application form (see link below). All we ask anyone seeking a work based qualification is that they are willing to work with us to gain an SVQ qualification, in return we will provide a first class assessment and support service to enable the successful achievement of your chosen SVQ and apprenticeship qualification.


AD Services (Scotland) Ltd promise to do our best to find out if there is funding available to suit your particular circumstances and advise on what is available to support you to achieve your NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) or SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualification).