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Administration SVQ
Engineering Maintenance 3
Fab Weld L 3
Mechanical Manufacturing
PEO SVQ Level 2
Technical Support 3
Logistics Ops Management
Performing Industrial App

What is a Modern Apprenticeship?
Modern apprenticeships are the natural progression of the traditional apprenticeship where a young person was taken under the wing of an experienced and qualified craftsman for five or more years where they would be trained in all practical aspects of their chosen trade.  Modern Apprentices are still employed by employers where they are taken under the wing of a skilled and qualified person, the difference is an assessor is either employed by the company or is supplied by a training provider such as AD Services Scotland Ltd. 

The assessor will help the apprentice build a portfolio of their work over a period of time to demonstrate competence in their chosen profession against the criteria from a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

Are there any exams?
The simple answer is no, you do not take any examinations and therefore cannot fail a modern apprenticeship, as apprenticeships are skills based and are dependent on you providing proof of your practical ability and knowledge over a period of time you may take a little longer to achieve the apprenticeship.  That is where the assessor comes in your assessor will help and guide you as you develop your skills and confidence then show you where your skills meet the requirements of the qualification until you achieve the required level of competence at which point you will gain your qualification.

Where can I find information on the types of apprenticeship available?
Information from MAPPIT website

Why should I take an apprenticeship instead of going on to College or University?

Years of full-time study and surviving on a student loan are not for everyone. You might prefer to earn and learn at the same time.


Modern Apprenticeships have the edge if what you really want is:

  • a recognised qualification
  • good quality training
  • good job prospects and
  • a secure future


Modern Apprenticeship is the right choice if you want to benefit from:

  • part-time study or training
  • work-based assessments and
  • practical experience in a real job.


AD Services Scotland Ltd provide a range of apprenticeships in the following sectors, engineering, manufacturing, administration and warehousing see the current list below:


AD Services Scotland Ltd  SVQs and Apprenticeships on offer:

  • SVQ Business and Administration level 2 and  Modern Apprenticeship
  • SVQ Business and Administration level 3 and  Modern Apprenticeships
  • SVQ Engineering Maintenance level 3 and Modern Apprenticeship
  • SVQ Engineering Technical Support level 3 and Modern Apprenticeship
  • SVQ Fabrication and Welding level 3 and Modern Apprenticeship
  • SVQ Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering level 3 and Modern Apprenticeship
  • SVQ Performing Engineering Operations Level 2
  • SVQ Performing Industrial Operations Level 2
  • SVQ Performing Manufacturing Operations Level 2
  • SVQ Modern Apprenticeship in Warehousing at SVQ level 2
  • SVQ Modern Apprenticeship in Warehousing at SVQ level 3