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Administration SVQ
Engineering Maintenance 3
Fab Weld L 3
Mechanical Manufacturing
PEO SVQ Level 2
Technical Support 3
Logistics Ops Management
Performing Industrial App
SVQs for the logistics sector
Logistics is the movement and supply of goods (or freight) from raw materials, through all the stages of manufacturing, to the delivery of the finished product to companies and consumers.
Logistics is an ever-expanding sector with more and more goods being transported each year.The following SVQs are based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) which have been developed by the Sector Skills Council Skills for Logistics.
SVQs in Warehousing and Storage and Logistics Operations Management
SQA has a number of SVQs in these areas.
The Warehousing and Storage SVQs at Levels 1 and 2 are aimed at employees who perform warehousing and storage functions. Some of the Units are relevant to people who are new to the industry, while others are more relevant to those who already have basic experience and an understanding of the logistics industry. Some Units are suitable for those who have supervisory or team-leading levels of responsibility.
The Logistics Operations Management SVQ at Level 3 is aimed at people who work at a supervisory or team-leading level of responsibility in any logistics setting. This could include warehousing and storage, transport, freight forwarding and other logistics contexts.