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SVQ Installation And Commissioning : Commissioning Introduction to the Qualification


What is this qualification?

These qualifications are Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ). They involves the skills and

knowledge needed for occupations in Installation and Commissioning including the, ability to organise

work and identify and prevent problems. SVQs are based on national occupational standards, which

the candidate must meet to be competent in a particular task. The achievement of SVQs will

encourage an employee to value their contribution to the workplace, and it will develop their skills and

potential within the Installation and Commissioning field.


Who are these qualifications for?

  • Individuals who need recognition of their competence in one or more of a wide variety of Installation and Commissioning activities and also need a nationally recognised qualification at SVQ level three
  • Candidates who are undertaking a SEMTA modern apprenticeship
  • Those who are working in a Installation and Commissioning environment and would like to work towards a relevant SVQ Level 3 qualification,
  • Those who are new to Installation and Commissioning but are looking for a career change and wish to develop new skills within the industry.


What do these qualifications cover?

The skills and knowledge in one or more of a wide variety of Installation and Commissioning activities


  • Equipment Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Traction Lift Installation
  • Hydraulic Lift Installation